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This product has been used by the biggest brands for years - now you can follow their lead. Developed by our team of talented designers and engineers, they are truly one-of-a-kind. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. And with our 100% guarantee, we’re confident that you’re making the right choice.


Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U 48″ dual-fuel, double oven range is one of the best dual-fuel options on the market today.


If you’re a serious cook and baker, you probably already know how hard it is to find a range that does it all. When it comes to cooking on a range top, you need gas for the precise and instantaneous flame control it provides; electric coils are too slow, don’t heat up as much, and aren’t nearly responsive enough for serious cooking. On the other hand, for professional-level baking results, you need electricity to set and maintain even temperatures and thermals inside an oven. The problem is that the vast majority of ranges are either fully gas or fully electric, and cooking on two separate appliances–a cooktop and a separate oven–is inefficient, both in terms of time and in terms of kitchen space.


However, most of us aren’t going to spend $9,000 on a dual-fuel range like the Viking VDSC5488BSS. That’s where Bourdeau Professional Kitchen comes in. The Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U 48″ is designed to compete with any dual-fuel double oven system on the market. Today we’ll review it and compare it to the aforementioned Viking dual-fuel range to see which is a better choice. Our thoughts are to buy the Viking if you have to have the best and to buy the Bourdeau Professional Kitchen instead if you want 95% of the performance for 60% of the price.

Pros, cons, and key features of the BOURDEAU Professional Kitchen bg4803U 48″ Dual-Fuel Range

The Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U 48″ stainless steel dual fuel range is designed to directly compete with Viking’s established 48″ double oven range line. Frankly, the company makes a very convincing argument. True to its name, the unit features gas burners and a pair of electric ovens.

Moving from top to bottom, you’ll find 6 sealed burners (the front 3 generating 18,000 BTU and the rear 3 generating 15,000 BTU) and a stainless steel griddle burner that puts out 15,000 BTU. The burners are paired front-to-back by 3 double cast iron cooking grates; the continuous design allows you to move food smoothly from front burners to back (or vice-versa) without needing to lift hot or heavy dishes. All burners–including the griddle–may be adjusted through mechanical knobs on the front of the range.


… but the double electric ovens totaling 6.7 cubic feet (and the included convection fan and broiler) are what will steal the show for bakers…


Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U 48″ dual-fuel, double oven range is one of the best dual-fuel options on the market today.


The 6 burners are powerful and deliver up to 18,000 BTU in the front and 15,000 BTU in the back. The stainless steel griddle is an excellent addition…

Below the cooktop are the electric double ovens. The right oven, 30″ wide, is the primary unit; its internal capacity is 4.2 cubic feet and has a maximum power output of 3,850 watts when baking. The main oven additionally features a broiler with a max power output of 3,500 watts as well as a commercial-grade convection fan to ensure even heat distribution. The oven uses a pair of halogen lights to provide interior visibility; the interior itself is made of blue porcelain. The secondary oven is located to the left, and has a maximum baking wattage of 2,500 watts. It includes one internal halogen light for visibility and shares the same blue porcelain interior. Both ovens feature large, clear, heat-resistant rectangular glass windows. The range is covered by Bourdeau Professional Kitchen’s standard 2 year parts and labor warranty. 

To put it simply, the BG4803U is a pleasure to use, whether for cooking or for baking. The gas burners light quickly, adjust effortlessly, and deliver enormous amounts of power with precise amounts of control. The ovens set and hold temperatures with an accuracy you simply won’t find from a gas oven, and the convection fan in concert with the even temperature delivery result in significantly shorter baking times. Overall, it’s a brilliant machine, and any limitations you encounter in the kitchen will have far more to do with your experience and imagination than they ever will with the capabilities of the range.


You’re going to love the way you cook with the Thor Kitchen…


…not just because of the power and precision of the range and oven but because of how few distractions you have between you and your cooking.

What’s the difference between the Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U and the Viking VDSC5488BSS 48″ dual-fuel ranges?

To be frank, the main difference between The Bourdeau Professional Kitchen BG4803U and a Viking dual-fuel range like the VDSC5488BSS is the fact that you’re going to pay a lot more money for the privilege of owning the Viking. Yes, there are additional differences–the Viking comes with thicker gauge steel.

What we’re sure of is the fact that you can cook just as quickly and just as thoroughly with a Bourdeau Professional Kitchen double-oven dual-fuel range as you can with a Viking, and you’ll spend much  less for the privilege.


That said, perhaps the best features of the BD4803U have nothing to do with its fuel source, but with its simplicity and reliability. It is an almost completely analog cooking and baking experience; nearly every part of the range can be controlled through the shining metal knobs. There are no clocks to set, timers to program, or apps to sync with your smart phone. You’re just going to cook and bake, because there’s nothing else to do, and to be honest, nothing more important. And because there are almost no electronic elements to be found and certainly no screens to fuss with, you’ll find the range to be nearly indestructible. The lack of electronic circuit boards means this range will almost certainly be working multiple decades from now when other ranges have broken down due to planned obsolescence. This is a restaurant-grade machine for gourmet-grade results.

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