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Our luxury furnishings have been purchased by the most successful people in the world - now you can follow their lead. Developed by the most talented designers and engineers, they are truly one-of-a-kind. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. And with our 100% guarantee, you know that you’re making the right choice.

Why Is Commercial Grade Furniture Better?

Commercial grade furniture can be a significant budget item in your office’s interior design.  We all know ergonomic workstations support health and productivity. Compared to the typical home, commercial spaces such as lounges, lobbies, and storage suffer heavy, all-day use for years.  Commercial grade furniture is a worthwhile investment in office interior design.


What are the differences between residential and commercial grade furniture?

Commercial grade furniture is built to meet the durability standards for a continuous-use environment. Not even the most durable residential furniture survives the heavy traffic of a commercial installation.

For example, upholstery fabrics for the home have durability ratings of 20,000-40,000 rubs on the Wyzenbeek durability scale. Commercial and contract upholstery fabrics rate upwards of 50,000 for task chairs; 200,000 rubs for a busy lobby, and 1,000,000 for public spaces like airports.

Underneath the fabric, residential furniture commonly has plywood framing, while commercial furnishings rely on solid hardwoods and steel.  Foam cushioning in commercial seating is two to three times more dense than your home sofa cushions.

Commercial grade furniture is flexible and built to last:

Workstations can be easily moved and reconfigured.

Power strips, cord controls and lighting are integrated.

Ergonomic task chairs and adjustable keyboard/screen mounts reduce fatigue.

Mobile and flexible storage furnishings will be relevant for years.

Tamper-resistant designs of polyethylene can survive outdoor and high-traffic areas.

Highly durable, stackable chairs are ideal for group spaces.

Quality commercial grade furniture is backed by lengthy warranties -some as long as ten years.

The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) x 5.1 provides rigorous testing standards.

Commercial grade furniture does have longer lead times, so plan accordingly. However, manufacturers offer extensive customization to suit your commercial space or office’s interior design.  The right material selections will keep your project within budget. Creative styling and custom colors will reinforce your brand for both staff and clients throughout the space.

From reinforced frames to stain-resistant and germicidal fabrics, commercial grade furniture meets the stringent demands of modern facilities.  The increased lifespan of commercial office furniture means replacement expenses are years away. Investing in long-lasting office furniture makes sense for even the smallest budgets.

A workplace designed specifically to promote a positive environment can do wonders for your growth as a business and on a personal level.

 BOURDEAU GRIFFIN INTERIORS can help you acquire furniture you need to achieve your office design vision!

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