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Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Smart Wash System

Bourdeau Griffin Professional Kitchen dishwashers are quiet, fast and get the job done leaving your dishes completely dry and spotless. Find the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen.

This fully integrated dishwasher from Bourdeau Griffin Professional Kitchen comes equipped with a Smart Wash System that determines which type of cycle to use based on the soil level of the load. An efficient clean is guaranteed every time. Its filtration system is made up of four filter meshes that separate clean and unclean water in different chambers to help your dishwasher get better performance with less water and energy. An adjustable upper rack can be raised or lowered to accommodate loading taller dishes.

Bourdeau Griffin Professional Kitchen is dedicated to creating professional style kitchen appliances. Their ranges, wine coolers, dishwashers, and ventilation hoods are designed to bring luxury design and high performance into the kitchen. All of Bourdeau Griffin Professional Kitchen's professional rangers are made with stainless steel materials and are equipped with high powered BTU burners and innovative features that will satisfy the most meticulous cook. Now adding a professional style appliance to your kitchen is more affordable than ever.


    • Size: 24 inch Semi-built In Style
    • CSA Certified
    • Energy saving class at A++
    • Power of heating element(120V):840W inlet water temperature (℃):min:49℃(120°F)
    • Energy efficiency class: 249KWh/year washing performance: 80 Plus Certified
    • Water consumption:≤13.31L(3.1gal)
    • Noise level: 45db
    • Blower+top+upper sprayer arm
    • Detergent & rinse aid dispenser system outlet hose length: 59“
    • Load capacity: 48PCS/20GP
    • Product Dimensions: 24” L x 25.2” W x 33.8” H
    • Product Weight: 96.8 lbs.

    Smart Wash System

    • This system determines the type of cycle to use depending on the soil level of the load. The type of cycle required to clean will be automatically selected and you'll get an efficient clean every time.

    Adjustable Upper Rack

    • The upper rack can be raised or lowered to accommodate loading taller dishes in either rack.

    3rd Rack

    • Convenient space for spatulas and unique kitchen tools or extra room for everyday utensils.


    • Eliminates bacteria and enhances drying results.

    14 Place Setting Capacity

    • Whenever it's time to do the dishes, a 14-place-setting capacity gives you the space you need for every load.

    Multiple Filter System

    • Four filter meshes work together to separate soiled and clean water in different chambers. This multiple filter system helps your dishwasher get better performance with less water and energy.

    6 Wash Cycles

    • These wash cycles include Pots & Pans, Normal Wash, China Crystal, Quick Wash, Rinse Only and Energy Saver.

    Child Lock

    • Prevent unwanted operation as an added safety measure.

    Delay Start

    • The Time Delay feature allows you to program the dishwasher at your convenience up to 24 hours.

    4 Spray Arms

    • In addition to upper, middle and lower spray arms, this unit also comes with a Vortex spray arm located on the left side of the tub. This spray arm can be used for washing large, hard-to-clean dishes by selecting the Vortex Wash option.

    Silence Rating of 45 dBA

    • Enjoy a quietly running unit.

    Capacity:  14 Place Settings

    Number of Wash Cycles:  6 (Pots & Pans, Normal Wash, China Crystal, Quick Wash, Rinse Only, Energy Saver)

    Number of Options:  7 (Air Exchange, Steam Wash, Child Lock, Vortex Wash, Heated Dry, Sanitize, Hi Temp Wash)

    Adjustable Upper Rack:  Yes

    Tub Material:  Stainless Steel

    Water Filtration System:  Removable Filter

    3rd Rack:  Yes

    Quick Wash:  Yes

    Delay Start:  Yes

    Sanitize:  Yes

    Control Type:  Touch Sensor

    Child Lock:  Yes

    Total Annual Energy Consumption:  249 kWh

    Sound Level:  45 dBA


    CSA Certified:  Yes

    Electrical Specifications

    Amps:  20A

    Voltage:  120V

    Wattage:  840W

    Frequency:  60 Hz


    Parts & Labor:  2 Years

    Dimensions & Weights

    Product Width:  24"

    Product Depth:  24 1/2"

    Product Height:  33 1/2"

    Shipping Width:  29"

    Shipping Depth:  27 1/2"

    Shipping Height:  35"

    Net Weight:  96.8 Lbs

    Gross Weight:  110 Lbs




Multi Air Flow System 

Multi Air Flow System provides a powerful flow of air around the fridge ensuring quick cooling resulting in food staying fresher for longer, and ensures an equal amount of chilled air reaches each shelf for quick and uniform cooling. 

WEB- Refrigerator Specs_Page_04.png


3-Tier Freezer Drawers Design

With 3-Tier Freezer Drawers design, you can easily manage freezer space and keep your food more organised and accessible. You can find anything you want in a flash with the 
benefit of this design. 

WEB- Refrigerator Specs_Page_16.png


LED lighting emits less heat and is more energy efficient and environment-friendly than traditional lighting.
LED lighting brightens every corner of fridge and freeze compartments so you can see better.

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