To our customers,

Since we first began responding and adapting to COVID‑19 in March, Bourdeau Griffin has let care drive our decision‑making:

care for our teams, care for our customers and care for our community.

That has meant being there for our customers as they depend on our products in new ways:

to stay connected as we have stayed apart, to stay creative at a time when we all need some entertainment, and to stay healthy at a time when health is so front of mind.

It meant taking the unprecedented step to temporarily close  our business to protect the health and well‑being of our customers and teams.

On July 6th, our store will be able to open their doors to our customers again.


We want to share a bit about how we’re carrying out our commitment to care:

It’s informing our decision‑making, the significant steps we’re taking to keep everyone who visits one of our showrooms safe. and the ways in which our store will look a little different.

With that in mind,

We will continue this effort throughout all of our endeavors. 

We have tremendous plans for the coming months and we look forward to experiencing them with you.

Please remember to take care of one another and do your best

to stay healthy and safe

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